Title: Studio ThusThat
Work: Industrial Design
Location: London
Date: 2020

In my capacity as a collaborator at Studio ThusThat, I have helped to explore the implications of designing with industrial by-products. The current focus of the studio is on creating design objects from materials seen as waste. 

Red mud, also known as bauxite residue, is a hazardous waste of the alumina industry. The process of refining raw bauxite ore to make aluminium results in 2.5 parts of red mud for each part of aluminium. This material accumulates into vast caustic landfills, with 150 million tonnes produced each year. Copper slag, a waste of both the mining and recycling industries, creates an alternative landscape—per year 40 million tonnes of the material are left piled in massive black mounds. Despite decades of research demonstrating safe methods of the reuse of these two materials, few implementations exist, due to them being perceived as wastes: dirty, dangerous, and tainted by humankind.