Work: Public Talk
Location: MPavilion, Melbourne
Date: December 16, 2021

Title: MTalks - Flow State: Designing the Logistical City

Details: More here.
Work: Design Proposal
Location: Portsea, Victoria, Australia
Date: 2021

Title: Portsea Sea Baths

Details: With architects Matthew Bird and Ryan Moody.
Work: Video
Location: DorDor Gallery, New York
Date: 2021

Title: Afterimages of Solastalgia

Details: Afterimages of Solastalgia is organized through a descendent logic of apex and decline. The project initially reads the astrophysical genesis of cosmic accretion as invariably related to our current all too human condition. Subsequently, it emulates near-future environmental collapse in order to theorize a future Earth before it manifests.

With Leo Zausen, Martina Cavalot, and Weston Finfer. 

Work: Talk
Location: Monash Art, Design and Architecture (online)
Date: 2021

Title: Disturbing Distribution,  Francesc Ruiz
Work: Construction
Location: Warracknabeal (Northwestern Victoria)
Date: 2021

Title: Afterlives of Cities (After Warracknabeal Courthouse)

Details: In a regional town in decline, the disused courthouse is being turned into a tourist drawcard. This offers the town an ‘afterlife’; it also highlights the sites of the region as potential sites for civic creative practice. 

With Matthew Bird, Tom Morgan, and Ian Webb.

Work: Video, Website, Event Series
Location: 17th Venice Architecture Biennale, Italian Virtual Pavilion. Also,
Date: 2021

Title: Riptides of the Mind

Details: Riptides of the Mind is the process of forming through currents: singular, sprawling columns of orientation that continuously spiral outward and siphon back. An ocean of such currents exists alongside of us now - at this very moment. Please enter our current, and be mindful of the tides.

With Dalia Amellal, Martina Cavalot, Josh Urban Davis, Weston Finfer, Will Nedrow, Junsuke Sato, Chase Stone, Gregory Wikstrom, Connor Willumsen, and Leo Zausen.

Work: Event Series
Location: Hill of Content Bookstore, Melbourne
Date: 2021 (as part of Melbourne Design Week)

Title: Melbourne Art Library’s ‘Reading Aloud’ 

Details: Discussions led by local designers, curators, and researchers, in response to the question: “How can we promote peer-to-peer learning through design?”. Through the action of sharing and listening, we considered what voices are most commonly heard in design and in spaces of information sharing. We investigated how activation of space through voices can create ‘libraries’, and encouraged our circles to be the starting point of meaningful exchange amongst participants.
These events were hosted by Caliper Journal, OFFICE, Dr Tony Roberts and Dr Ben Byrne, and Kate Rhodes and Nick Selentisch.

With Nell Fraser, Fi Wilson, Alec Wilson, and Jenna Muir.
Work: Audio & Text
Location: Clot Magazine (& Montez Press Radio)
Date: 2020

Title: Semionautics Special Report - Eclipse

Details: Finding the forecast mistaken and getting caught in a downpour may be unpleasant but it’s hardly uncommon. Meteorology, the science which works to systematise the weather, is constantly improving and yet will never be perfect. Weather events that were once understood as isolated came later to be understood as expressions of integrated complex systems. An event which may have once been understood as a miracle or omen came to be seen as information; from the noise we learned to read signals, or so we thought. This audio mix is a work of fiction set in the near future, which takes the form of a special report on eclipses. In it, different eclipse readings are counterposed to produce a meditation on the inalienable desire to order, and our fraught attempts to render meaning from indeterminacy.

With Elaine Tam.

Work: Video
Location: Online (e-flux - Summa Technologiae)
Date: 2020

Title: Escape Within

Details: A BIG architect has approached Facebook and SpaceX with a proposal to build a wellness retreat called Keyworlds on Mars... The resort’s crowning jewel will be an ocean outfitted with nanotechnologies that enable each resort member the chance to saturate themselves within themselves, essentially a fully interactive sensory immersion tank.

With Weston Finfer.

Work: Text
Location: &&& Journal
Date: 2020

Title: What is a Shelter?

Details: What counts as a shelter today?
How have we tried to, succeeded and possibly failed to create such places or staging-grounds?
How can one find shelter and what have we learned about the act of sheltering?

With Sheltering Places Editorial Team.

Work: Post-production
Location: Het Nieuwe Instituut, Rotterdam
Date: 2020

Title: Lithium (The Ends of the World)

Details: The exhibition uses interview and animation to look at the impact of extractivism on the different ecologies of Chile’s Atacama desert.

With Godofredo Pereira, Nicholas Jaar, Mingxin Li, Anabel Garcia-Kurland.

Work: Exhibition
Location: CK_Offspace, Leipzig
Date: 2020

Title: Terrafictions

Details: With Aleksander Delev, and Tekena Koko.

Work: Public Talk
Location: Online
Date: 2020

Title: Disputed Territories & Epistemic Mediation

Organised and facilitated a conversation between Susan Schuppli and Godofredo Pereira. As part of The New Centre’s public program.

Work: Post-production
Location: Isle of Skye
Date: 2019

Title: Climavore: On Tidal Zones - Cooking Sections

Climavore explores how to eat as climate changes. It is a long-term project with site-specific interventions that use food as a tool to address environmental degradation. Different from carnivore, omnivore, locavore, vegetarian, or vegan diets, Climavore is a form of devouring that reacts to anthropogenic landscapes and uses ingredients as infrastructural responses to man-induced climatic events.